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MyCon Activities

  • Outdoor Activities: Though the inside of the event center is devoted to tabletop and video games, outside we are still keeping with the game theme but on a more active level. Bringing in organized sports bounce house type equipment and other fun outdoor activities.
  • Open Gaming all event long: 52 hours of non-stop fun! Abundant table space allows you to play games at your leisure.
  • Roll Playing Games & Workshops:  A dedicated room that allows players to experience role playing games with more experienced players enabling them to learn games otherwise deemed too intimidating.
  • Video Gaming: Enjoy a variety of video games, as well as several planned tournaments.
  • Game Tournaments: Play in several of the available board game, video, card game and other prize tournaments.
  • Door Prizes: Along with your event bag, participants will have the opportunity to win several available prizes (list of available prizes to be updated as they become available).
  • Play to win: With a valid ID attendees may check out games and be entered into a drawing to win some of the select games available.
  • Vendors: Food and merchant vendors will be both inside and outside the fairground building.
  • Family friendly: MyCon wishes to promote safe and fun game play for the entire family.
  • Public Flea Market: This event will be held in the South west side of the fairgrounds parking lot form 8 AM to 1 PM. Bring your games or game related items to sell or swap!

Free to the Public Outdoor Events

The area outside the event building is free to the public and will be featuring some great events.

Inside the Event Hall with Ticket

Inside the fairgrounds building is where the main action is! Featuring 52 hours of non-stop gaming, Vendors, tournaments, door prizes, and giveaways!

Schedules Events

Click here to see scheduled events.

What is MyCon

MyCon is a gaming convention in Logan, Utah. We seek to promote a safe environment for everyone--especially children--to play. We want to generate interest in all aspects game culture, including but not limited to board games, comic books, video games, art, science fiction/fantasy, sports, biking, popular literature and any other family-friendly genre activities. 

The additional purpose of this three-day event is to raise funds for capsa and provide a venue where people can learn to play games new Games, participate in tournaments, and have fun in a family-friendly game environment.

What we do

MyCon is an event that spotlights game industry, whether it be video games, sports, board games, card games or anything fun. We invite those working in the alternative, and independent side of industries as well as the well established entrepreneurs and businesses to be able to present themselves to the local community. Conventions like this promote greater interaction between those attending and creators/sellers so as to invigorate not only the minds and bodies of the ambitious but give exposure to those who those that bring the fun in.